I have attached a pic of my Staffie Rescue baby, Kia. Also, confirmation of my £10.
We got Kia in September 2014. She is nearly 12 now.
She has had a few operations to remove cancer lumps but she still thinks she is a puppy and is doing well. Hasn’t been to her private doctor for 2 years now, apart from inoculations, flea and worming. She has cost us a fortune but we don’t care. I just thank goodness we could afford to have her ops done.
When we got Kia, my husband wasn’t too sure if we were doing the right thing. We had just lost our first rescue staffie. We were suffering so badly. we lost her very suddenly. I didn’t want to come home to an empty house, it was awful. Less than 3 weeks after we lost our first baby, the beautiful Kia joined us. She filled that awful gap in our hearts. She is the most beautiful, loving dog we could ever have wished for. We love her to pieces. We call her our little poodle in Staffie clothing!!
I do hope I’ve done all this correctly!
Keep up the fantastic work that you all do, you are wonderful!
Keep going because I will be back to you one day. Not too soon, I hope!
With kindest regards
Ken and Angela Young
(Look at that little beauty you saved!!!)