I came to walk RR dogs after losing my best boy Rodney.
At 8 yrs he was diagnosed with nasal cancer we nursed him for a full year .
It broke our hearts he was our boy . He was a big brindle Staffie ,funny, daft as brush and loved our two cats also the stray who came to visit . The house was so empty with out him . Even though we still have Molly our cat .
I missed walking him so I decided I would volunteer for RR . and here I am 4 years on falling in love every week with all my fur babies cheering and crying when when they are homed.
My sons have all walked our dogs and one has fostered twice with his girl friend .
I’ve made friends with our lovely walkers who share and understand my passion for these wonderful companions .I really feel part of our RR family but most of all it’s the dogs they are truly amazing
Frankie xx
Thank you