Secret Squirrel

My rescue journey began as a child. I visited my first pound at the age of 10. It left me with memories that will haunt me forever. I never actually volunteered for Staffie Rescue - xxlynne found me on a 3rd party email! At the very beginning of Staffie...

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Amanda Kilpatrick

I started walking for RR at Guildford when my husband first became ill and needed something else to concentrate on. This may seem a bit strange but I wanted to get out and do lots of walking and helping the dogs at the same time seemed a natural answer....

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In 2015, my partner Gavin and I had been talking about getting a dog and we knew it would be a rescue dog. We visited a well known national dog charity to discuss adopting a dog and we were advised to put off adopting until we got some major life events...

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Teresa Mitchell

I had always had dogs,since childhood, and finally had a Staffie x Rottie called Ellie. She was a rescue from the RSPCA in 2003 and she changed my life. Because of her, I learnt about the plight of this breed and also about their funny, gorgeous...

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Sarah K

February 2012, between jobs, and it was time to do something I’d thought about for ages, contacted SR and the rest as they say is history. My first walk was at what remains our Gatwick kennels, it was in the snow and I met some of our lovely staffies, I...

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Marie and Lee H

Where to begin...! Lee and myself aka staffylevi along with our pack Sonny (now over Rainbow Bridge), Jasmine, Lilly 'n' Lois have aided and abetted many staffies over the years. We were never 'failed fosterers', we never adopted although we came close a...

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I adopted my first Staffie in February 2010, after having read so much about ‘status dogs’ and the plight of abused and homeless Staffies filling pounds to capacity. Luna wasn’t a Staffie Rescue dog, but because of her, my passion for Staffies blossomed...

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10 years! Oh, how the time flies when you’re having fun!Staffie Rescue Volunteers have rescued and homed over 1400 Staffies and Staffie Crosses since we set up Staffie Rescue in 2009. Many families who had previously bought puppies have stepped forwards to...

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Staffie Rescue Thanks Our Past Volunteers

Staffie Rescue THANKS all our past volunteers who gave such a huge support and made this rescue so successful.Lorenzo, Dee and John R, Joanne B, Jane K, Karen BMarie and lee H, Claire G, Vicky AJohn/Hoonercat, daughter Chelsea And Tia Staffie who helped SO...

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Anne Fletcher

My journey with SR began in September 2010, after losing my own dog, Radar. I was looking for something to do with my time and energy. I contacted a lovely lady, Alison, who met and inducted me at the Gatwick South kennels in Copthorne. I met Smiler...

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